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Celebrations Group’s outdoor LED fairy lighting is the ideal product for tree installations, building enhancement or seasonal decorations. This commercial grade 240v heavy duty outdoor lighting system is available in a range of colours and is equally suited to permanent or temporary installations. Celebrations Group offers LED lighting in straight line, icicle and curtain formats. We can provide custom formats and light frame motifs also.
Need installation or DYI? no problem. We can arrange for experienced installers to complete your project or advise you on how to install yourself.

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Blockhouse Bay

Blockhouse Bay sits on the edge of Auckland’s Manukau Harbour. As tribute to the area’s maritime history a 15 metre steel sail structure “ Spirit of the Bay” sits at the gateway to the village. This together with 6 smaller sail structure are along the main street are focal points of the area. To provide night time enhancement of the sails together with an  iconic Pohutukawa tree at the village crossroads  around 8000 LED bright blue fairy lights we Installed  The area really comes alive after sunset.

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